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№ 2(84) (2017): Herald of TNEU Management of educational services provision in Ukraine’s higher institutions Анотація   PDF
Nadiia Baboval
№ 3(89) (2018): Herald of TNEU Management of territory resources in the context of European and national policy for regional growth Анотація   PDF
Alla Melnyk
№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Marketing strategies of green investments: basic concepts and specific features Анотація   PDF
Tetiana Pimonenko, Oleksii Liuliov, Yana Us
№ 1(83) (2017): Herald of TNEU Mathematical modeling of influence of Ukraine’s external debt on standards of living Анотація   PDF
Hanna Karmeliuk, Svitlana Plaskon, Halyna Seniv
№ 4(90) (2018): Herald of TNEU Mathematical models of unshadowing the wages Анотація   PDF
Olesia Martyniuk, Stepan Popina
№ 2(88) (2018): Herald of TNEU Methodological aspects of evaluating the efficiency of innovation projects Анотація   PDF
Yaroslav Paraniuk
№ 1(87) (2018): Herald of TNEU Methodological principles for organization of monitoring in enterprises of natural recourse extraction Анотація   PDF
Yana Porokhnavets
№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Modelling economic dimensions of global sustainable development Анотація   PDF
Olha Kovalchuk, Olena Hyryla
№ 1(87) (2018): Herald of TNEU Modelling procedures for assessing the effectiveness of innovative projects under the conditions of risk and uncertainty Анотація   PDF
Yaroslav Paraniuk
№ 3(85) (2017): Herald of TNEU Modern Determinants of Fiscal Policy: local and international dimension Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Valihura
№ 3(85) (2017): Herald of TNEU On qualitative characteristics of financial reporting Анотація   PDF
Yaroslav Krupka, Mariia Muzyka
№ 1(83) (2017): Herald of TNEU Organization of cooperation of local communities within the administrative and territorial reform Анотація   PDF
Mykhailo Shkilniak, Alla Melnyk, Tetiana Zheliuk, Olena Dudkina, Tamara Popovych
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Peculiarities of producing wood pellets and company growth strategies Анотація   PDF
Nataliia Halysh
№ 4(94) (2019): Herald of TNEU Prerequisites for integrated reporting development Анотація   PDF
Nataliіa Shevchuk
№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Pricing as a component of a marketing strategy for the development of tourism destinations in the West-Ukrainian border areas Анотація   PDF
Oleksandr Kyfiak
№ 2(92) (2019): Herald of TNEU Problematic aspects of the regulatory and legislative framework for calculating pensions in Ukraine Анотація   PDF
Lina Diakovych
№ 1(87) (2018): Herald of TNEU Problematic issues relating to the quality of information used for accounting and management accounting of low-cost assets Анотація   PDF
Zenovii Zadorozhnyi
№ 3(93) (2019): Herald of TNEU Problems and prospects for swine breeding development in Ukraine in the context of its influence on public welfare Анотація   PDF
Viktoriia Adamyk, Liana Chernobai, Oleh Adamyk
№ 3(85) (2017): Herald of TNEU Public-private partnerships in social services: foreign practices and prospects for implementation in Ukraine Анотація   PDF
Alina Zhukovska
№ 2(84) (2017): Herald of TNEU Regional development: new approaches to crisis management Анотація   PDF
Tetiana Zheliuk
№ 3(89) (2018): Herald of TNEU Research and innovation field as an area for creating an innovation infrastructure for the development of today’s society Анотація   PDF
Borys Pohrishchuk, Heorhii Khvichiia-Duve
№ 3(89) (2018): Herald of TNEU Research and methodological approach to scoring the impact of banks performing operations involving transnational capital on the banking system of Ukraine Анотація   PDF
Nataliia Tkachenko, Oleksandr Momot
№ 2(92) (2019): Herald of TNEU Richard H. Thaler’s contributions to behavioural economics (The 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) Анотація   PDF
Yurii Ivashuk
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Sectors of the Economy in the Process of Implementation of the State Regional Policy Анотація   PDF
Mykhailo Shkilniak, Alla Melnyk, Tetiana Zheliuk, Olena Dudkina, Lidiia Krupiak, Alla Vasina
№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Socio-economic inequality in the national and global spotlight: a contemporary view on the issue Анотація   PDF
Viktoriia Adamyk
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