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№ 2(84) (2017): Herald of TNEU Capital investments as a driver of technological restructuring in the production sector of Ukraine and its regions in the post-industrial era Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Zakharchenko
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Classification of financial security functions of joint-stock companies Анотація   PDF
Olena Stashchuk
№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Competitive advantages of organic product features from the marketing perspective Анотація   PDF
Volodymyr Dudar
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Competitiveness of the agricultural sector: determinants of the global growth Анотація   PDF
Borys Pohrishchuk, Halyna Pohrishchuk
№ 2(84) (2017): Herald of TNEU Competitiveness of Ukraine’s system of taxation within the framework of integration into the European Union Анотація   PDF
Eduard Romaniuta
№ 1(83) (2017): Herald of TNEU Conceptual framework for the budgeting mechanism of the state’s social and economic development Анотація   PDF
Vasyl’ Demianyshyn
№ 3(85) (2017): Herald of TNEU Concern areas of pricing at domestic enterprises Анотація   PDF
Iryna Ometsinska, Nataliia Pochynok
№ 2(88) (2018): Herald of TNEU Cost and managerial accounting of joint activities related to the use of fixed assets Анотація   PDF
Zenovii Zadorozhnyi, Valentyna Orlova, Sofiia Kafka
№ 4(90) (2018): Herald of TNEU Cost behavior in enterprises of the brewing industry Анотація   PDF
Yakiv Averkin
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Co-working: advantages and disadvantages in workplace arrangement Анотація   PDF
Khrystyna Snihur
№ 3(93) (2019): Herald of TNEU Critical analysis of the weaknesses of the integrated reporting enterprise Анотація   PDF
Kostiantyn Bezverkhiy
№ 1(91) (2019): Herald of TNEU Current approaches to public healthcare policy implementation Анотація   PDF
Tetiana Zheliuk
№ 1(83) (2017): Herald of TNEU Current challenges for regional development: threats to economic security Анотація
Alla Melnyk
№ 1(83) (2017): Herald of TNEU Current challenges for regional development: threats to economic security Анотація   PDF
Alla Melnyk
№ 2(92) (2019): Herald of TNEU Current Issues of Management under the Conditions of Innovative Development of Economy (Ternopil, TNEU, 17 April 2019) Анотація   PDF
Mykhailo Shkilniak and other
№ 2(92) (2019): Herald of TNEU Current issues of the performance of Ukraine’s financial services market Анотація   PDF
Tetiana Pysmenna
№ 4(94) (2019): Herald of TNEU Current status of agricultural enterprise financial security Анотація   PDF
Marina Pataridze-Vyshynska
№ 4(86) (2017): Herald of TNEU Current transformation trends in the economy in response to transnationalization Анотація   PDF
Kateryna Zhylenko
№ 3(93) (2019): Herald of TNEU Debt finance as a public phenomenon: conceptual basics and prospects of democratization Анотація   PDF
Olha Kyrylenko, Andrii Derlytsia
№ 4(94) (2019): Herald of TNEU Definition of economic security of the subject of economic activity Анотація   PDF
Roman Snishchenko
№ 3(93) (2019): Herald of TNEU Development of accounting functionality in business management Анотація   PDF
Mykhailo Prodanchuk
№ 3(85) (2017): Herald of TNEU Development of methodological approaches to establishing an integrated risk management framework for leasing transactions in Ukraine Анотація   PDF
Anzhela Kuznietsova, Oleksandr Levchenko
№ 2(84) (2017): Herald of TNEU Development of risk insurance instruments for agricultural land-use management Анотація   PDF
Nina Palianychko
№ 2(84) (2017): Herald of TNEU Econometric estimation of the pension in Ukraine Анотація   PDF
Hanna Karmeliuk, Svitlana Plaskon, Halyna Seniv
№ 3(89) (2018): Herald of TNEU Econometric model for quality evaluation of integrated reporting Анотація   PDF
Kostiantyn Bezverkhyi
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