Prerequisites for integrated reporting development

Nataliіa Shevchuk


The article provides an analytical review of the accounting literature and other scientific sources, which allowed highlighting the main stages of the development of financial statements, determining the historical and practical prerequisites for the formation of integrated reporting and outlining the basic requirements for information reporting capabilities.
The purpose of the study is the conceptual understanding of the integrated reporting evolvement.
General scientific and special economic research methods, such as dialectical and abstract and logical ones are used to systematize available theoretical material to reveal the element of accounting method. Methods of theoretical generalization, analysis and synthesis have been applied to comprehensive evaluation of the stages of financial reporting development.
According to the results of the study, significant influence on the development of the integrated model of accounting has led to the development of economic relations, legal foundations of the functioning of the economy, information needs, the evolution of economic theories: new institutional, evolutionary, theory of rational expectations, theory of exhaustive resources, theory of human capital and the application of these theories to management systems. The main problems of the existing financial statements in accordance with the informational expectations of the stakeholders are identified and substantiated.
Formation of new approaches to the development of accounting integrated reporting in Ukraine on the basis of consideration the national peculiarities of accounting system of the current regulatory system requires further study. The study of the formation of integrated reporting in the world economy, international initiatives in the field of integrated reporting, in order to implement the best world practices in Ukraine are pivotal.

Ключові слова

reporting; bookkeeping reporting; integrated reporting; financial statements; non-financial reporting; capital of the enterprise; development; stages of development; sustainable development, information; enterprise; management system; management decisions

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