Environmentalism and economic development: theinterconnectionproblems

Iryna Karp, Anastasiya Virkovska


Introduction. Modern world development is being influenced by global processes, which reflect the specifics and directions of its functioning. First and foremost, it is a matter of interconnecting the interests of the world community to achieve common goals of economic, political, environmental, social, and cultural development. The discrepancy between the system of economic activity and the ecological capabilities of the world requires justification of such implementation directions on a global scale, which would take into account the need to ensure the rational development of the ecological component of this process.
The current crisis is the result of modern industrial civilization, which, unfortunately, does not guarantee humanity a decent eco-future and the prospect of self-preservation of the ecosystem and reproduction of resources, taking into account the needs of future generations in a planetary dimension.
Purpose. This research was conducted to investigate and identify the relationship between ‘greening’ and economic development. The article traces the dependence of the Gini index on the Environmental Performance Index. It is proved that the natural environment not only influences, but is crucial for social life.
Methods. Research methods that examine and investigate the problem of environmentalism and economic development are an analysis of their relationship; comparison to describe the Gini coefficient and income inequality; statistical for the calculation of the interdependence between EPI and NIGI.
Results. The results show that the lower the Environmental Performance Index is, the worse the situation is in the areas such as economic, environmental, social and others. Consequently, globalization has a statistically significant impact on economic growth. High- and middle-income countries benefit from globalization, while low-income countries do not.
Discussion. In fact, countries must receive an adequate level of income to benefit from globalization and ecologization. Globalization processes are making adjustments to global economic growth and, accordingly, to global economic development. Not only does globalization directly contribute to economic growth, but it also indirectly does so through various additional reforms.

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environmentalism, economic development, wealth distribution, income sharing, income inequality, Gini coefficient, Environmental Performance Index.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35774/visnyk2019.04.019


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